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True North Regroups

ReGroups are a key aspect of True North Church. We believe that we truly are Better Together. Most groups meet twice a month usually in the home of the leader or one of the members. We try to keep them limited to a smaller number. Some groups show several members while others show very few members, but that may not be an accurate reflection of how many people consistently attend that group. Don't let that deter you and feel free to inquire with the ReGroup Leader. We are excited to now offer ReFresh Groups as a part of our True North Foundation. These groups will focus on addiction, recovery and freedom, but will still operate as a ReGroup. If you have questions about these groups, then please contact us at the church office or you can inquire with the group leader. As we continue to grow as a church, we are always looking for new leaders. If you have questions or any interest in leading a group, then please contact your Campus Pastor. If you can't find an open group, then please let us know!